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DYMATIZE TRIB-650 --- 100 capsules TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS 1 bottle


Dymatize Tribulus (Trib-650) Description
Dymatize researches and develops proven products, such as Dymatize Trib-650, to enhance body function, mass and performance during intensive workouts. Bodybuilders and athletes choose Dymatize Trib-650 for an added boost in exercise drive, stamina and muscular volume.

Created with intensive adult male endurance in mind, Dymatize Trib-650 is suitable for those engaged in exercise and competitive bodybuilding activities, and athletes desiring to increase their competitive edge. The product is not suitable for children, adolescents, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Testosterone is sometimes used in medical treatments and for boosting sexual drive. It is advisable to seek medical advice before using testosterone-enhancing products such as Dymatize Trib-650. This will reduce the risk of health complications where the product may not be suitable, including hormone-dependent conditions and allergies.

Benefits of Dymatize Trib-650
Internationally, athletes choose Dymatize Trib-650 for consistence in sports training and endurance. The main benefits of using Dymatize Trib-650 in a sport nutrition supplementation programme are to:

Increase exercise drive, energy and endurance.
Stimulate metabolic and anabolic processes for muscular strength and recovery.
Provide muscle and bone building for healthy body fitness and form.
Aid cellular circulation and tissue repair to prevent muscular damage.
Key Ingredients of Dymatize Trib-650
The ingredients of Dymatize Trib-650 include:

Tribulus (key ingredient)
Gelatin, cellulose and silicon dioxide
Formulated mainly from Tribulus terrestris extract, derived from the Zygophyllaceae flowering plant family, Tribulus Terrestris stimulates the luteinizing hormone (LH) production needed to increase the body’s natural testosterone levels depleted during athletic performance.

Tribulus Terrestris extract releases two steroidal saponins, namely spirostanol glycosides and furostanol glycosides. Both steroidal saponins stimulate the body to burn fats and retain lean muscle mass with healthy skin definition. Not only does Tribulus boost testosterone and enhance sporting endurance, but the extract also enables the muscles to recover faster, building athletic form.

Gelatin is collagen in hydrolysed form consisting mainly of protein, glycine and proline, and is considered a food, stabiliser and thickener. When present in the body, gelatin acts to stop bleeding and prevent bruising. Gelatin supplementation improves joint function and promotes muscle and bone health for exercise.

Cellulose is a structural polysaccharide that comes from high-energy non-food crops, such as salix willow, switchgrass and hemp. Cellulose is present to promote cell strength and provides fibre for healthy intestinal tract function. As a supplement, cellulose is a dietary fibre.

Silicon Dioxide is a silicon-type oxide often found in earth and quartz, promoting fluid flow and absorption in humans. The presence of silicon dioxide, when combined with Tribulus, gelatin and cellulose, may contribute to improving mental focus and hydration.

During intensive exercise regimes, athletes use energy, drive, fluids and concentration; these need boosting for consistent athletic results. Dymatize Trib-650 provides the added boost for sustainable workouts and healthy body development. Globally, sports people use Dymatize Trib-650 to help them achieve their athletic goals.

For optimal results, consume 1-2 capsules daily alongside food.

Nutritional Information
Amount Per Serving (1 Capsule):
Tribulus Terrestris: 650mg

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