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Critical Mass is a gainer formula of weight with a perfect combination of carbohydrates of the highest quality (Amylopectin and  Maltodextrin), a whey protein complex (concentrate and isolate), creatine monohydrate and triglycerides MCT. This comprehensive formula to obtain the best results by increasing physical performance and increasing notably lean muscle gain in a healthy and natural. The  addition  of  medium  and  slow  carbohydrate  assimilation  occurs Critical  Mass  allows  lean  body  mass  gain  and  maintaining  levels  of constant  energy  and  vitality.  Critical  Mass  hasn’t  DEXTROSE  or derivatives, have  a  0%  sugar  and  therefore  creates  no  body  fat  mass. Moreover,  Amylopectin  provides  the  necessary  load  glycogen  causing increased energy and muscle strength and recovery. Creatine is responsible to accelerate and enhance the action of Critical Mass. This unique blend provides a great source of energy that builds strength  and  endurance  significantly,  drastically  increased  muscular congestion,  promotes  cell  hydration,  increasing  explosive  power  and increasing the maximum force. In  addition,  the  formula  of  Critical  Mass  provides  quick  recov ery  of muscle fibers after intense training.

Composition:  SUPPLEMENT FACTS (100 g.) Energy  1.632,85 KJ / 390 Kcal Protein  20 g. Carbohydrates  68 g. Fats  2,56 g. Sugar  0 g.

INGREDIENTS (per serving – 60 g.) Critical Mass Formula  Waxy maize starch (high molecular weight carbohydrate) Maltodextrin Whey Concentrate Whey isolate (WPI-90%) Creatine Monohydrate (99.999% purity) M.C.T. (Medium chain triglycerides) Sweetener Acesulfame potassium Natural flavors (* cocoa).

Directions:  As  a  dietary supplement,  to  maximize results, consume  4 tablespoons 60  g.  (240  g)  per  day,  or  training  (before,  during  and  after).  Mix  with water  or  skim  milk. For best  results, use  a  shaker  or  mixer to mix the product. Caution:  Children, pregnant women,  elderly or ill should consult their doctor or nutritionist. Presentation:  Bags: 2,3 kg. y 4,5 kg. powder. Flavour: chocolate, strawberry or cookies & cream. Best before:  See in the package. Storage instructions: Keep it in a cool dry place away from  sunlight. Once opened, consume within 30 days.



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