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Taurine Powder

Taurine Powder

..........·         Helps with 'pump'

..........·         Can improve force production

nnnnnnnn.......................non·         Aids protein synthesis.........

Taurine Powder 250 grams


Taurine Powder 500 grams


Taurine Powder 1000 grams


What are the key benefits?

     Taurine can have very positive effects on your workouts and body composition. With similar properties to creatine, Taurine can draw water into the muscle cells and act as a cell volumiser. This can help draw additional nutrients into the muscle which can aid recovery and muscle growth. Taurine has also been shown to mimic the action of insulin, forcing glucose into cells. Taurine is also an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and plays a major role in stabilizing the heartbeat and electrical activity of the nerves which can result in a better night's sleep and improved focus.

Additional information

     Taurine is also recognized as a great supplement to help reduce muscular cramps. By regulating levels of calcium, one of the major minerals associated with cramp, Taurine can help reduce the severity of the pain.

What are the ingredients?

     This product is 100% Taurine powder with nothing added or taken away.

Key Benefits of Taurine:

  • Your muscles appear larger
  • Your muscles can exert more force on objects
  • Protein synthesis in the muscle cell is increased
  • Is a inhibitory neurotransmitter

     Recommended consuming 1500-3000mg 30 minutes before your workout, after workout and 30 minutes before sleep as a neurotransmitter


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