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N Acetyl Glutamine (NAG) Powder

N Acetyl Glutamine (NAG) Powder

N Acetyl Glutamine (NAG) Powder 250 grams


N Acetyl Glutamine (NAG) Powder 500 grams


N Acetyl Glutamine (NAG) Powder 1000 grams


Glutamine is one of the essential amino acids that the body needs in order to build and repair cells, and in the form of N Acetyl Glutamine, it is much more readily absorbed and used by the tissues of the body.

As anyone involved in either body building, or competitive sport knows, getting the right balance of nutrition is vital to enjoy the best fitness benefits from exercise, and by taking a supplement like N Acetyl Glutamine, that the body can easily absorb, it is possible to get fast gains.

Glutamine is one of the main amino acids used by the body in the production of protein chains to build cells, and is an essential part of any diet in order to ensure healthy tissues. It is found naturally in a variety of foods including meats, seeds, and some vegetables, although anyone involved in heavy exercise will generally benefit from ingesting increased amounts of the protein in order to aid growth and recovery.

N Acetyl Glutamine (NAG) is a more stable form of glutamine that can be mixed with water, and is metabolically balanced in order to provide a quicker take-up by the cells than simple glutamine.

It is particularly useful for athletes who want to recover quickly after intense exercise that puts a high level of stress on muscles for long periods of time, such as cycling or running. Endurance exercise and weightlifting cause small tears to form in the tissue, and these can lead to pain the next day as they heal. By taking an amino acid supplement such as N Acetyl Glutamine, it is possible to speed up the repair of muscles, and encourage cellular growth at the same

Key Benefits

·     Essential amino acid for tissue growth

·     Speeds up recovery after intensive exercise

·     Metabolically balanced for maximum benefits

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement we recommend consuming 3-5g, 2  times daily. For optimal results consume a serving at breakfast and 1 hour before sleep. Best consumed with your preferred amount of water or fruit juice.

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