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EFX IRUSH 475 --- 60 capsules

EFX IRUSH 475 --- 60 capsules

EFX IRUSH 475 --- 60 capsules 1 bottle


Fortunately, there's a new way to support your own body's natural insulin response. One that's completely safe and legal. Even better, it allows you to do it faster and better than any of the old-school 'Insulin Mimickers' before could ever dream of!

i-RUSH 475™ is a highly sophisticated "insulin mimicker" formula that contains a synergistic array of the five most potent insulin manipulating compounds legally available today. If that's not enough, our researchers discovered that i-RUSH 475™ could be made even more effective by adding the super ingredient Karbolyn® to rapidly shuttle its powerful ingredients to the point of delivery.

Most people are familiar with the famous "Insulin Spike" and its ability to shuttle anabolic nutrients, such as glucose, creatine and amino acids into muscle cells. However, the biggest drawback is that insulin elevation can also cause an increase of undesirable body fat.

That's why the timing and management of insulin elevation is critical!

A properly built 'insulin-mimicking' supplement should not only provide you with all the muscle-building benefits of insulin but also allow you to reduce fat stores at the same time.

For example, since high insulin levels during your workout can decrease the amount of fat you burn, taking an insulin mimicker pre-workout may provide benefits similar to insulin but without the negative effect on fat-burning.

And that's why i-RUSH 475™ was designed to increase the positive effects of insulin without increasing overall insulin levels within the body.

Each ingredient in i-RUSH 475™ was specifically chosen because of its ability to support the body's utilization of carbohydrates and proteins by potentiating the effects of insulin.

Despite its amazing effectiveness, you should know i-RUSH 475™ only contains nutrients that naturally occur in many foods. There are absolutely NO drugs or artificial ingredients in i-RUSH 475™.

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