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Labrada Supercharge Xtreme 50 servings --- 800 g powder

Labrada Supercharge Xtreme 50 servings --- 800 g powder


Labrada SuperCharge! Xtreme  (800g)


University Tested
110% Greater Power Increase in 8 Weeks
Feel the Power with the 1st Dose!
All of Your Performance Supplements in One Concentrated Daily Dose!
Now with Power Carb & Kre-Alkalyn for Faster Results!
Massive Pumps
Now with Power Carb Muscle Fuel Injection
Pre-Training Performance Drink Mix
Instantly Enhances Strength, Energy, Muscle Size, Pump & Vascularity
Natural & Artificial Flavor
Dietary Supplement
No Banned Substances
Certified cGMP Steroid Free
Current Good Manufacturing Practices
CarnoSyn- Carnosine Synthesizer
"Compare and Make the Smart Choice!"

Unlike competing products, Super Charge! ingredient amounts are not hidden in a "proprietary blend." When you buy Labrada, you know exactly what you are paying for - ingredients that work, in amounts that work. Labrada Nutrition is the smart choice!

Lee Labrada's Quality Guarantee

"If it's on the label, it's in the bottle!"

This product is independent lab assayed for purity.

Super Charge is made in a steroid and prohormone free, FDA-inspected, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility. This product is pure and unadulterated, and will not cause a positive test result for banned substances.

Get Xplosive Workouts!

Increases strength---Increase muscular power.
Increases muscle volume and lean body mass---starting with the first dose!
Delays fatigue---Allows you to exercise longer without fatigue.
Enhances mental focus during exercise---Increases mental focus; improves reaction time and hand-eye coordination.
Jump starts recovery---puts recovery on hyper-speed so you get stronger, faster!
Get greater muscle pumps and performance---dilates arteries resulting in increased blood flow to muscles.
Phase 1 Energy & Pump

You feel the surge of mental energy and alertness as Super Charge! Xtreme kicks in. Your mood and motivation soar. Your veins and arteries open up and blood flow increases to engorge your muscles with nutrient-rich blood.

Phase 2 Strength & Endurance

You feel stronger with every set, as Super Charge! Xtreme helps you generate more power and stronger muscle contractions. Super Charge!?s fatigue fighters kick in, allowing you to hit new highs. Your hand-eye reaction time improves, as your senses are heightened. You feel like a machine-unstoppable.

Phase 3 Post-Workout Recovery

You glide to a smooth finish. Muscle pH is optimized, reducing lactic acid build-up. Muscle volumization and glycogen storage begin, jump starting your recovery for the next workout and laying the foundation for massive muscle and strength gains.

Power Carb is a designer carbohydrate molecule that is absorbed up to 1200% faster than ordinary carbs such as waxy maize. Power Carb acts as a muscle fuel injection system, dramatically increasing nutrient transport and uptake into muscles and increasing training energy.

Instantly Enhance Muscle Size, Energy & Strength

110% More Power**
82% More Focus***
39% More Reps***
Enough for 50 Workouts!
**8 week study conducted at the University of Kansas in 2010. 30 trained male subjects, were separated into two groups. Both groups were put on an effective weight training program and made significant gains. However, one group used Super Charge! Xtreme (SCX!) prior to training, the other did not. The SCX! group experienced significantly Greater gains. The SCX! group showed increases in squat power that were 110% greater than the control group.

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